Trend: Wicker and Straw Handbags

Wicker Handbag

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Spring weather is finally here, which means we can start switching over our closets and pulling out those warm weather accessories. One of those accessories being wicker handbags. Yes, folks. They’re back.

Don’t you love it when your favorite trends stay on trend for awhile?

Wicker handbags were a major trend last summer, and I’m happy to say that they are back again this season. I shared this wicker clutch on my Twitter last night, and it’s from one of my favorite brands. After doing lots of browsing, I wanted to round up some wicker and straw bags that I think are worth checking out.

There are so many styles to choose from, including wild ones like this monkey wicker handbag. A little too avant garde for my taste.

If you want to try the trend in a more subtle way (like me), this one is the perfect option. It only has a little bit of wicker to it, along with leather, so it’s a more classic take on the trend.

View more of my favorite wicker and straw handbags in the widget below, and tell me in the comments what you think of the trend!

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