What I’m Into

I thought for this post that I would share what I’m into lately–products, fashion trends, etc. It seemed like this week was never going to end, so I’m glad that the weekend is finally here. 

But before I share what I’m currently into, I’d like to share that my not-so-baby sister graduated from high school yesterday. I’m so proud of her, and I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. I can’t wait to see where life takes her next.

And now, here’s what I’m into:

  • I had heard of Bauble Bar before from watching “Courtney Loves Dallas” and following Courtney Kerr’s blog: http://thecourtneykerr.com. To be honest, she kind of inspired me to start a fashion blog. Anyway, she collaborated with Bauble Bar, and I finally checked out the site. I LOVE ALL OF IT. I recently purchased this necklace, and now I am waiting for my monogrammed necklace to ship!
  • I am a sucker for reality television, especially anything on Bravo. I watched the premiere of “Ladies of London,” and I must say, London high society doesn’t look like it would be a terrible way to live. Careful though, you might catch the London bug if you watch it!
  • After reading Mackenzie’s blog post a couple of weeks ago on this gorgeous Connecticut town, it made me want to visit New England. I’ve been to Vermont once, but would love to check out Connecticut and Rhode Island. For awhile I’ve been wanting to visit the south, but now it appears my travel list is expanding!
Sorry this post may be a little short, but I’m a few episodes into the third season of Scandal, and I just don’t have the time during the week to watch it! Have a good weekend!