What I’m Into Volume 9

I’m so excited that it’s Friday! My parents are coming into town, and I can’t wait to see them.  Even though I’m a senior, being away from my parents never gets easier. I’ll always miss them no matter where I am. Cue the “aww” sounds.

This week my boyfriend took me to a Pirates vs. Red Sox baseball game as part of my anniversary gift. He’s always so thoughtful, and I really appreciate that. Below is a photo from the evening. Isn’t Pittsburgh pretty?! If you’ve never been to this city, you need to make a trip. 

I hope you all have been enjoying the taste of fall weather that everyone seems to be experiencing. I don’t think it’s supposed to stay like that here this weekend, but I am ready to break out my boots and scarves! Speaking of scarves, I hit the jackpot when I found last year’s extremely popular Zara blanket scarf on Amazon. Best. Purchase. Ever.

Photo from my Instagram. Follow me! @eborza
Have a great weekend!

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