What I’m Into Volume 8

Happy Friday! I feel exhausted after this week. Senior year is no joke, but I’m taking it one week at a time. My roommate’s sister is getting married in a few months, so we are heading to her house for the bridal shower! I’m definitely look forward to a fun weekend.

In other news…it is actually starting to feel like fall in Pittsburgh! Of course I’ll say this and probably jinx it, but I was so excited to put on a pair of jeans yesterday. I was actually wishing I had worn a sweater too! Definitely not complaining, though.

Here’s this week’s edition of “What I’m Into.” Enjoy!

Not a pumpkin spice latte girl, so this is a chai latte. Maybe I’ll give PSLs another go this fall. 
I’m a big avocado toast fan, and just recently started putting an egg on top. Even more delicious!

Have a great weekend!

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