What I’m Into Volume 74

Brunch at Aussie & The Fox

Keeping this post really short because as I’m writing this I’m thinking about wine and Grey’s Anatomy, and my computer is ready for a break.

I’m glad this week is finally over. I took a barre class and a bootcamp class, so I’m kind of exhausted (and sore). This weekend I’ll be celebrating my mom’s birthday with another butt-kicking barre class and hopefully another awesome brunch like the one above from last weekend. And then Sunday I’ll be celebrating Easter! What are your holiday plans?

Looking forward to new outfits coming to the blog soon and other fun content! Spring always has me feeling refreshed and ready to conquer anything.

Have a great weekend! xo

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  • thanks for linking to my post! 🙂

    • Ellen

      Of course! It was a great read. 🙂

  • I’ve always wanted to take a Barre class! And that chicken + waffles looks amazing!

    • Ellen

      I definitely recommend trying a class, Jess! Happy Easter! Hope you’re having a great weekend.