What I’m Into Volume 65

Happy Friday! I’m sure you’re probably sick of reading about the weather, but man, was it cold this week. Like, freezing. Anyone else feel a little not like themselves during winter? I feel exhausted, and my mood isn’t quite so cheery. As much as I love cozy sweaters and Bean boots, there’s definitely a reason that they say Vitamin C does a body good.

Nonetheless, I’ve been doing a lot of fun social activities to stay busy, which helps. I did a wine tasting last weekend with friends and went to an indoor trampoline park with coworkers. It was hilarious! If you’ve been feeling a little down with this cold weather, I recommend getting out and staying active!

Head to Toe Black

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The forecast is calling for a lot of snow this weekend, which means a lot of One Tree Hill reruns on Netflix (for probably the 10th time), and reading Mindy Kaling’s newest book. Anyone else find her hilarious?! If you haven’t read her first one, it is hilarious and a great read.

If you’re in the Northeast this weekend, stay safe and enjoy the snow! I’ll be back Monday with an all new outfit post.

What you missed on A Pop of Pink

  • I saw LC’s comments on fitness and loved them!

    Mary Kate

    • Ellen

      Weren’t they great? She always has great advice and insight. Thanks as always for reading, Mary Kate!

  • Loving this YSL purse! Cute & adorable read!–Katelyn, The Yellow Specs.

    • Ellen

      Thank you for stopping by, Katelyn! xo