What I’m Into Volume 58

Zara blanket scarf

I can’t believe that tomorrow is already Halloween and then November will be here. Looking back, I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by. Wasn’t winter just here? I already had to break out the Bean boots! Speaking of, I’m thinking the women of my family should be in an L.L.Bean ad.

Last weekend I was my sister’s school for family weekend. There’s something about being on a college campus in the fall. Seeing the leaves change, tailgating with thousands of other people cheering for the same team, spending time with family, it’s all pretty great.

  • I seriously love wearing oversized sweaters and leggings this time of year! And I absolutely LOVE that blanket scarf you have on in that picture!

    Mary Kate

    • Ellen

      Thank you so much, Mary Kate! Glad to hear we have the same winter uniforms. xo