What I’m Into Volume 5

How I spent last Sunday, reading Vogue and sipping coffee. Blake’s cover and feature were amazing. 
Suddenly, it’s August! Where did summer go? I’m down to two weeks left of work. I’ve interned at the same company for the past three summers, so it’s weird to realize that next summer will be different. 

In other news, I’ve made it my goal to exercise at least three times a week since I got my Fitbit. Now that doesn’t always have to mean going to the gym, but I did go three days in a row this week! I was proud of myself for that!

Happy Friday! Here’s what I’m into:
  • Bean Boots! I tried to get these last winter…yes, that dreadful winter everyone would like to forget. Sadly, by the time they would have been able to ship, I wouldn’t have needed them anymore. Finally, I purchased a pair, and I hate saying this, but I’m sort of ready for fall and winter.
  • New to A Pop of Pink? Check out some of my previous posts, including one about the Liebster Award. I also loved my style collaboration that I did with Steph last Friday.
  • Have you read any of these fun books for women in their 20s?
  • Love these rings from Moon and Lola.
  • 50 healthy habits every girl should have. I originally came across this on Pinterest. Must read!
  • J. Crew sale is going on until Sunday. Warm temperatures will be around for a while, so don’t be afraid to stock up on summer goodies.

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  • Zelle B.
    August 1, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    Love those Moon and Lola rings for sure! xo

  • Zoe Diaz-McLeese
    August 2, 2014 at 3:52 am

    I can't believe the summer is over either! Where did it go? Gahhh…. but I'm ready for fall and winter too – it's been so hot here in Denver, except for the rain for the past few days. I've debated buying Bean Boots, and I'm seriously considering them when I get back from abroad.

    La Vie en Zoe