What I’m Into Volume 43

So before we get to this week’s links, I thought I’d share a quick little tidbit about health and wellness.   Like many college students, I gained more weight than I wanted to in four years. Now that I’ve gotten into a routine with work, I’m really trying to make it my goal to give back to my body. I’m trying to eat healthier and get back into a regular fitness routine.

But through this health journey, I’m also trying to give myself a break. I can be very harsh on myself. That gets me nowhere. It’s important to love yourself, with or without those unwanted extra pounds.

I’ll probably be sharing more about this throughout the summer, but I’m hoping that there’s some of you reading this who may be going through a similar thing.

No matter where you’re at in life, I hope you have the courage to do what makes you feel good!

Have a great weekend! xo

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