What I’m Into Volume 132

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Daylight Savings had me all sorts of whack last week, but I really feel like making fitness a priority helped a lot. I got an unlimited month at a yoga studio where I’ve been taking Heated Vinyasa. I personally think it’s torture, but it’s been really fun to try and add something new to barre and the gym.

After lots of travel earlier this fall, my weekends have been pretty open. Nothing major on the schedule for this weekend, which I’m trying to appreciate before the holidays get insane. This will be the first holiday season in my apartment! I really want to get some holiday decor content on the blog and make my apartment feel festive. When you live alone,

There are some great links to check out this week. You’ll notice that in the “What to Buy” section, I’ve started to incorporate some holiday gift suggestions. Expect to see those for the rest of the season, in addition to gift guides, etc.

Have a great weekend, and thanks as always for stopping by!

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