What I’m Into Volume 125

Cathedral of Learning

Happy Friday! I’m sticking to what I’ve said before. Sometimes shorter weeks are the hardest! I had a great weekend in Pittsburgh with my boyfriend. Many of you know that I went to Pitt, and he also went to school in Pittsburgh. It’s the city where we started dating, so it’s a special place to both of us for many reasons.

Every time I go back, I miss it more. I think you can see on my face in the photo above how happy I was to be on campus again! Luckily I have several other weekend trips planned to head out there in the fall. 

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I’ll admit, it’s been a struggle to blog with everything going on as of late. It’s hard turning on the news to see all the devastation from these natural disasters. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, as well as the wildfires out west. Donate if you feel called to do so, or consider helping out in another way. Here’s information from the Red Cross, and Refinery29 has some additional information about where and how to donate. Every little bit helps!