Weekend Wrap Up: Fall in Lancaster

This weekend I went home to surprise my dad and grandfather, who were both celebrating big birthdays on Friday. I also surprised my sister and didn’t tell her I would be home. Let me just say, I am not good at lying.

One of my roommates also made the trip home with me, and she said that this weekend made her wish that Thanksgiving would come sooner. She’s so right. Weekends at home are so fun and relaxing and a great break from school.

We ventured to Rachel’s Creperie and Cafe for some crepes. Doesn’t this pumpkin cheesecake crepe look devine? We also had Nutella mochas. My tummy was full, and my heart was happy.
How cute is this wallpaper?
My roommate, Emily! 

This weekend was the perfect taste of fall. I’m so glad I could be with the people that I love.  I’m looking forward to taking some pumpkin goodies back to Pittsburgh, but not looking forward to getting back into the school routine!

I hope everyone had a great first weekend of October. Now let’s hope this fall weather sticks around for a while!

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