10 Espadrilles that are Worth a Place in Your Closet

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! Is it just me, or does a weekend following a long weekend always seem so much even shorter?!

Tory Burch Logo Espadrilles

On Friday, my family and I went downtown for First Friday. Every first Friday of the month, art shops stay open longer, people play music on the streets, and of course the restaurant scene is always extra fun. It was the first weekend night we had that was nice in what felt like a long time, so it was great to enjoy the summer weather. Saturday, I went shopping, and Sunday we had family over.

Overall, it was a fun but busy weekend. #ExtraCoffeeMonday

To kick off the week, let’s talk about one of my favorite summer shoes.

I sang my praises for espadrilles before, and I think they really are some of the cutest pairs of shoes that you can own. They’re seriously so easy to style, and a fun twist on your typical sneaker or summer sandal. Need further evidence of their cuteness? Jump to the bottom of this post!

Today, I’m linking up 10 pairs that I think are worth a look, and are of course, shopping cart worthy. Curious about which pair is my favorite?! I genuinely would wear any of the styles I picked below, but I think these are at the top of my wishlist. I’d love to hear which ones you love!

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