Lancaster Eats: Passenger Coffee

Passenger Coffee

I wanted to share another Lancaster spot; a place that’s relatively new to me. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my visit to Tomato Pie Cafe, so I thought it’d be fun to share another place from my hometown. Today, I’m sharing a few snaps from a visit to Passenger Coffee with Sarah, who is a weekend regular

Passenger CoffeePassenger Coffee

How cute is the menu at Passenger?! The first time I walked in, I thought, “That menu is definitely photo-worthy!” The menu is obviously not as big as a Starbucks or other major coffee chain, but I love that they have a few drinks that they do really well.

Passenger Coffee

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I opted for the chai latte since it was later in the evening. I’m one of those people who can’t have caffeine too late in the day, or it will affect me all night, sadly. The chai is definitely heavy on chai flavors, while others have more milk flavor in them. While I typically prefer the latter, this was still really good.

Passenger Coffee

I think the decor is the best part of Passenger. It’s definitely simple and minimalistic. Love the white floors! If anything, stop by for the atmosphere for a long talk with friends or to read a good book.

Passenger Coffee Passenger Coffee

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Before Passenger opened up a shop, they used to serve coffee out of an adorable truck. Think of the camper that Derek Shepherd lived in, if there are any fellow Grey’s Anatomy fans reading this post. I tried the cold brew bottled iced coffee, and fell in love. Their bottled iced coffee comes in black, or with milk and lightly sweetened. The milk and sweetener option is perfect. Not too sugary. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to drink black coffee, so for now, I’ll continue to stick with cream and sweetener!

Definitely stop by if you’re a coffee connoisseur! You’ll love Passenger.

Photos by Sarah Walsh

  • Sam

    I’m a sucker for a cute coffee shop!

    xo Sam |The Heart of the House

    • Ellen

      Me too, Sam! Sometimes I sacrifice quality of coffee if the place is super cute.