The Best Workout Shorts Ever

Lululemon Run Times Shorts

It’s been almost 10 months since my last fitness update, aka too long! I wanted to share an update about what I’ve been doing to stay fit, including the challenges of working out during summer. And of course, let’s talk about these purple shorts too. I’m not just throwing around the term “best workout shorts ever.” I mean it when I say it!

Lululemon Run Times ShortsLululemon Run Times ShortsLululemon Run Times Shorts Lululemon Run Times ShortsLululemon Run Times Shorts Lululemon Run Times Shorts Lululemon Run Times Shorts Lululemon Run Times Shorts Nike SneakersLululemon Run Times Shorts

Wearing: Athleta tank | Lululemon shorts (sized up) | Nike sneakers | Ray-Ban aviators

Since the last time we really talked fitness here on A Pop of Pink, I completed a barre challenge and did a weight loss challenge at my gym. However, I won’t lie, being consistent with a workout routine during summer is extremely challenging. There are some weeks where I’ve been really good, and then others where I let social plans take over. Can you blame me, though? I think we’d all choose a summer dinner al fresco with friends over a workout session.

Summer is a season where I want to enjoy myself. I think it’s important not to beat yourself up when you’re in a workout slump. Know that you need to get back on track and focus on that, rather than focusing on what you didn’t do.

So what am I doing as of late for exercise? Yesterday, I took a yoga class. I always forget how great I feel after yoga. It’s so good for my mind and body to take a class that focuses on just being present. I always say this, but I really need to get more yoga into my fitness routine. I also signed up for a couple of barre classes this week. It’s still my favorite workout class by far. Hoping to get some cardio in this week too! After all, I have a beer fest to attend on Saturday!

Lululemon Run Times Shorts

And now, onto these shorts. I picked up the Run Times Shorts II in rose quartz at my local Lululemon over the weekend and immediately fell in love. I own a couple pairs of the Speed shorts (and love those too), but the Run Times are a little bit longer. I always feel really vulnerable wearing shorts to the gym. I already know that I’ll feel way more comfortable showing up in these. Confidence is important when you’re working out! I’m already planning to pick up another color or two!

Feel free to share your fitness struggles or what athletic gear you wear to help you look and feel good in the comments below!