The Workout That Has Changed My Life

You’ve probably heard me say that I don’t like working out. I can be really consistent one week, and then over it the next. I know I need to do it, but sometimes it’s a struggle to find an ounce of motivation.

Last winter I tried barre with some of my coworkers. I’m normally afraid to try new things, and leading up to it, I was extremely nervous. Nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do the moves. Nervous that I’d look like an idiot next to my coworkers. Nervous that I’d throw up. TMI?!

But, after that first class, I felt an incredible sense of pride. I did it…and I didn’t throw up! I liked that the class incorporated cardio and also muscle toning. I felt like I was working parts of my body that I don’t normally work on my own, and I really liked that I was getting a full body workout.An Update on my Fitness Journey

And the best part? I’ve stuck with it. It’s a workout I love to do. Here’s how a little more on how barre has had a positive impact on my life.

1. It makes me proud of what my body can do.

That sense of pride I mentioned before? That’s how I feel after every class. I’ve noticed progress and seen an improvement in my abilities. And, I’ve seen small changes in my body. I don’t get the same feeling from other workouts.

Often we applaud ourselves after class is over, and I love that. I find myself thinking, “Heck yeah, you did it! You deserve that applause!”

2. It’s more than just about the physical exercise.

It’s definitely a form emotional therapy. I feel confident and better about myself after class. It’s how I like to give back to myself after a long day at work, and I’m really able to forget about whatever else is going on in my life. While I love yoga, I can’t get my mind to settle down. Barre really helps me focus on the workout.

I also love the community aspect. I see familiar faces in class. I like that the instructors know my name and greet me at the door.

3. I find myself wanting to go to barre.

Sometimes I find myself making excuses to skip a workout, but with barre, I’m much better about getting myself to class. Maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to jamming while doing arm circles (even though they hurt), or it’s because I want to wear a new pair of yoga pants, but whatever gets me there, I’ll take it.

I think what also helps is that you’re encouraged to sign up for class in advance, so I have this feeling that I have to go. I feel committed to giving myself an hour of “me time” in my day, no matter how busy I am.

If you’re struggling to find a go-to workout that makes you feel good, I strongly suggest you find the nearest barre studio and give it a try. You have nothing to lose. Maybe barre won’t be that life-changing workout for you, but at the very least, you can say you did it.

Here’s more information about the studio I attend, but there are different barre studios throughout the country. And if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them for you!

  • Marie
    September 2, 2016 at 1:49 pm

    Ellen, this is so awesome to hear! We love having you at the studio. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ellen
      September 5, 2016 at 7:00 pm

      Thanks for reading, Marie! Glad I could share my experiences. And thanks for creating a space where I can work on myself. 🙂