Healthy, Delicious Smoothie Recipe

Whether I’m looking to have breakfast on the go or want something healthy after a workout, this smoothie is a great option. I used to work at a cafe in a gym, so I thought I’d share some of my smoothie wisdom. This recipe is so easy. It’s almost too easy.

You’ll need:

4-6 oz. of milk. I know a lot of people use water, but I like a thicker smoothie. Choose skim or soy milk to save calories.

About a cup of frozen berries. Fresh berries are great too, but I like to use frozen berries so I don’t have to add ice.

Protein. For a smoothie that will fill you up, add protein. 1 scoop is about 100 calories. I use 2 if I’m having the smoothie as a meal replacement. I love this protein because it doesn’t leave a bad taste like a lot of them can. Go with vanilla protein if you want minimal taste or want to experiment with different recipes.

First, add milk, followed by fruit and protein. (Top off with a cup of ice if you aren’t using frozen fruit). Blend until smooth.

Tip: Bananas are a great addition to this recipe as well. Save brown bananas for smoothies. They’re sweeter. If you want to preserve them for awhile, pop them in the freezer. They’re also great for banana bread too!

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