Guest Blogger: Michaela of The Monogrammed Midwesterner

I love my blogger buddy, Michaela, and I’m so excited that she is guest posting today. She’s sharing her wisdom on some of what she’s learned the past three years in college. I love what she has to say, and I hope you will too!

Hey everyone! I’m Michaela and I am the face behind The Monogrammed
. I love Ellen and her blog, and I am so excited to be posting
for you guys today!

I swore senioritis and all the wistfulness that comes along
with it wouldn’t hit me, but it totally did and hard. I really cannot believe
school is almost over, and I’ll have to head out into the real world. While I
won’t say I know exactly what I’m doing, here are some things I’ve learned
while I’ve been in school:
  • Don’t pick a major to make anyone happy except
    : This is the biggest and most important thing I
    can pass on. If your parents are pushing you into engineering, but you want to
    be a business major, then go for it. It’s your education and ultimately what
    you will be doing for the rest of your life. 
  • Say yes
    to adventures: Go on adventures
    with your friends. If you’re writing a paper that’s not due until next week,
    and your friend invites you to a karaoke contest at the bar, just go for it.
    Some of your best times will come from spontaneous adventure…
  • …But
    remember that school comes first and always listen to your gut:
    On the flip
    side of the previous comment, if you’re studying for a test the next day and
    your friends are begging you to go to a party, then say no. School always comes
    first. Also, if you’re invited to a party off campus to someone’s place you
    don’t know but he’s “a friend of a friend,” and you don’t feel good about it, stay
    home. 9 times out of 10, your gut is usually right and a night at home is
    preferable to something dangerous.
  • Go to
    your professor’s office hours:
    Even if you only have one question, it can
    be worthwhile to listen to other student’s questions. It is good to also
    introduce yourself and keep in contact – you never know when you’re going to
    need that letter of recommendation.
  • Keep in
    touch with your friends from home:
    If you haven’t seen the Thought Catalog
    16 Things We Forget to Thank Our High School Friends For, read it and then you’ll feel all mushy like I did. Don’t
    forget to shoot them a text or a call every now and then, because you will want
    to keep the people in your life who were there for all the bad school pictures.
  • Make your health a priority: Eat right, work out often, and don’t indulge
    too much. Your body is your body for the rest of your life and while pizza and
    beer every night sounds amazing, you’ll be regretting it later. 
  • Drama
    still exists in college –
    don’t get
    Whether you’re in a club (join those!) or a sorority, there will
    be drama. The best thing you can do is don’t get involved and don’t start it.
    Be kind, genuine, and don’t do anything you would be ashamed to tell your
    grandma about.
  • Find
    yourself again, and again:
    You will make mistakes and you will discover
    that you’re a different person from semester to semester. Remain true to your
    morals, be a good person, and you will eventually figure everything out.
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  • Such perfect words of advice! I second #2, live it up!



    • I totally agree, Michaela! Thanks for stopping by!

  • beautifully said

    mon |

    • Couldn't agree more! Thanks for reading, Monica!

  • I graduated college a few years ago but I totally agree with all of this!! Especially about getting to know your professors, it can be so helpful!! Also I want to add to totally completely enjoy every second!! There is nothing like living with your best friends and spending all your time with them!! (even though I'm happily married now I still miss living with my other best friends!)


    Dimples of Dixie

    • Thanks, Emily! You're absolutely right. I can't believe my time living with my best friends is almost over.