Fun Ways to Break a Sweat at School

View of my campus from the park I enjoy walking at. The large, prominent building is the Cathedral of Learning. Fact: It’s the tallest university building in the Western hemisphere.
Unless you’re an exercise machine, it’s probably difficult to find the motivation to workout at school. I can totally relate. The gym I go to at school is all the way up a huge hill that Pittsburghers know as “Cardiac Hill.” Once you’ve walked up it, you’ll understand.
Anyway, running on a treadmill indoors can be boring and monotonous. But in order to prevent the “freshmen 15” or really any “15” for that matter, exercise is crucial. Here are a few suggestions for ways to break a sweat at school that are fun and will add variety to your exercise routine.

1. Walk and talk with friends. This is one of my favorite activities, because we all know that girls are really good at talking. There’s a park right near my campus that I enjoy taking walks to, and it’s just always better when you have company.
2. Take a fun fitness class. Your school likely offers a variety of fitness classes that go beyond just running and lifting weights. What’s great about classes is that they make you accountable. You have to go to get your credit!
3. Zumba! Many schools offer Zumba classes because of their popularity. You might have to pay a fee, but dancing for exercise is totally fun.

4. Surfing. Go to school at the beach? Lucky you. Surfing can be a great workout.
5. Ride a bike to class. Don’t want to walk? Biking around campus is a fun way to get exercise…and get to class quickly if you’re running late.
6. Join a club or intramural sports team. These sports teams are typically less serious than varsity sports, although I know some club teams can be pretty competitive. If you’re passionate about sports or want to make friends, give these a try.
7. Racquetball. I was a little hesitant to try racquetball, but my friend convinced me to play, and it’s actually pretty fun!

Do you have any fun alternatives to exercise?

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  • Zumba is way too fun!!

  • This semester I am trying to take a fitness class! I love to exercise but I never find the time (at least I keep telling myself that, lol).