Five Reasons Why Style is Important

Clothing is important. Think I’m crazy?! Hear me out. Clothing is the first step towards achieving style. Style reveals who you are on the inside through your outer appearance. Part of my motivation to start this blog was to share style inspiration with my readers, because I feel that I know how important it is to achieve an authentic sense of style. I’ve narrowed it down to five reasons why style is worth the time and effort.1. Style says you’re put together.People will take you seriously if you dress the part. Or in other words, own it.

2. Style tells people that you’re worth noticing. Similar to the point above, YOU are worth paying attention to.

3. Style is a reflection of your growth. Style is evolutional. It tracks your growth and change, and it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come through your clothes.
4. Style matches your outer beauty with your inner beauty. It’s about being the best version of yourself.
5. Style gives you confidence.It’s so much easier to walk out the door in an outfit that makes you look and feel good. It’s as simple as that.Take the time to decide what you want your style to say about you. I promise, you’ll feel amazing when you realize that your clothing is a positive expression of how you feel on the inside.

  • These are all so true!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

    • Thank you, Lauren! I'm glad you agree. 🙂

  • All very true statements! XO


  • Such a great post, I couldn't agree more I think dressing the part makes people take you seriously.

    • Thank you so much, Alex. I'm glad you liked it.

  • Great list! Also I love your style!

    xo | The Fashion Forecast

    • Aw thank you so much, Erica! You have no idea how much I love hearing that. 🙂

  • I totally agree with you. I've spoken to this exact point on my blog. I call it fashion intelligence. We should all know our body. Front, side and back. Body realism is something many females struggle with. If you don't see your body for what it is, you won't know how to dress it. Pear shaped, balance it out on the top. Carrying your weight in your middle, wearing wear something that clings to that area. I live and work in Manhattan, NY and even in this fashion capital you still see girls wearing pieces that just aren't for them. Our best friends should be a 3-way mirror, self truth and a tailor. Everything else will (or should) fall in to place.

    I love your post. Thank you for sharing.

  • Loved this post. I always emphasize the importance of style to others when they question why I dress "so nice" all the time when I'm going to class. Appearances when it comes to personal relationships may not be everything but in the work world and when attempting to portray a certain image it is vital. Great post! Much love!

  • Couldn't agree more! So many people neglect to put in some effort and then complain about how they feel. If you look good you feel good in my opinion 🙂

  • Great post! These are great reasons!

    xo Hannah Kate

  • I love your style! You look effortlessly great!

    xoxo Danielle