Favorite Blanket Scarves of 2015

Zara Blanket Scarf

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I’m so glad blanket scarves are still just as popular as they were last year. They’re warm, cozy, and extremely fashionable. You really can’t go wrong. And yes, I have used mine both as a scarf and as a blanket. When you work in a chilly office, blanket scarves can always come to the rescue!

FYI, this Natasha Couture and this Etsy one are very similar to the scarf featured above if you’re looking for an identical one to mine. With all of the colors in this scarf, the styling possibilities are endless. It goes with everything.

There are many great blanket scarves to choose from, and to help you out, I’ve highlighted some of my favorites below. I think ASOS and Target are always great places to look, but boutiques and Etsy are great places to find look alikes of previous seasons’ most popular scarves.

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  • I love a good blanket scarf and so glad they are back in!!! I can totally wear it as a blanket as I’m always cold now haha! Cant wait to get more blanket scarves!

    Jasmine 🙂

    • Ellen

      Me too, Jasmine! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week!

  • I’m loving the hunter green plaid scarf.

    x Sola

    • Ellen

      I’m eyeing that one for myself, Sola! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Great round up, I love the how versatile blanket scarves are.