Fall, Where Are You?

So the weather decided to play this cruel joke on me where it felt like fall for a few days, and then warmer temperatures returned. Sorry, but I’m not going to put on a scarf when it’s 80 degrees outside. But I wish I was showing you a cute scarf or my Bean boots. I so wish.

This outfit is pretty simple, but as I’ve said before, jeans and a comfy tee are a go to. And I thought I could still channel fall with olive green, gold and brown. And voila! That’s how this outfit came to be.

Wearing:  Madewell tee (love this and this) | American Eagle jeans (very similar and great price) | Tory Burch Miller sandals | Longchamp toteFossil watch | BaubleBar necklace | BaubleBar earrings 

The good news about the warmer temperatures is that I can still sport these Miller sandals, and the brown color is great for fall. I’m also a big fan of army green. I could probably wear it every day. Finally, gold jewelry is always great, especially in the fall. And my trusty Longchamp complements the green very well. 

Fingers crossed I’ll be able to show you some fall outfits soon!

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