Fall Bucket List

I thought it would be fun to mix things up and write a post that relates to what might be my favorite season, fall! You’ve already seen me talk a lot about this season on the fashion/style side, like this outfit roundup, and items on my fall wishlist.

My Fall Bucket List

This weekend, I got to do some pumpkin picking, which really put me in the mood for fall. The weather isn’t quite cooperating, but it’s still fun to have my apartment looking festive.

Friday I got to try the pumpkin whipped cream at Starbucks, so I guess technically I’m cheating by including an item I’ve already done. The whipped cream was good, but definitely not too pumpkin-y. (Is that a word?)

I also have two trips out to Pittsburgh coming up, and one thing I never got to do when I was in school was go kayaking on the Three Rivers. There are three rivers that meet right by the stadiums and Point State Park. It’s a beautiful view of different parts of the city from there. If it’s not too windy or cold, I’m really hoping that we get to do it.

Another thing I’ve never done? Go apple picking! I feel like it’s a must-do fall activity.

Is fall one of your favorite seasons? What’s on your fall bucket list?