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How to Build Your Professional Wardrobe

Julie Brown NYC Dress

Let’s talk workwear. Especially when you’re just starting out, building a professional wardrobe can be a challenge. You want quality pieces without spending your entire paycheck. Luckily, once you learn what’s worth the investment and what’s not, it’s achievable to create a professional wardrobe that you can be proud of. Continue Reading

Tips for Increasing Productivity

Chances are, you find yourself thinking that there aren’t enough hours in the day. And anyone who doesn’t feel that way, I’d like to know your secret. But alas, we’re stuck with 24. So, how do we make the most of every hour?

Productivity Hacks

With the nature of my job and client work, this can be especially challenging for me. But I’ve learned that juggling too many things at once never works out. Here’s my advice to make sure we’re all getting the most out of our day, thus able to spend more time doing the things we love.

Make the most of Sundays.

I’ve mentioned the importance of scheduling and prioritizing before. Take advantage of Sundays (or whatever free day you have) to get things done that often take away your focus from other things. Do you catch yourself during the work day thinking about errands you have to run? Knock those out on Sundays. I often dedicate my weekends to focusing on blog work, especially if I know I have a busy work week ahead. Continue Reading

Lessons from Two Years of Blogging

Skipping this week’s “What I’m Into” because we are celebrating two years of A Pop of Pink! I can’t believe how much this little corner of the Internet has grown in what seems like so little time. Blogging each and every week brings me so much joy, and having you along with me is without a doubt the best part.

In honor of two years, I wanted to share a few tidbits I’ve learned from blogging, as well as take a look back at some of my favorite posts from this year.

Lilly Pulitzer Dress

Original post Continue Reading