10 Casual Sneakers You Can Wear All Year

For today’s post, I wanted to talk about casual sneakers. I love the look of a casual sneaker. You’ll be seeing my go-to look on the blog soon (a striped tee and Converse shorelines), but I’m always jealous of the girls who can make Stan Smiths and a dress look like they just walked off the runway.

10 Casual Sneakers for Year Round

While some people can rock white pants year round, it’s the one rule I can’t seem to break. Okay, maybe I bend it by wearing white jeans for most of May. But for some reason, I just can’t do it.

White casual sneakers, however, I think are a different story.

For some reason, I think they look great year round. And, like espadrilles, a casual sneaker is a great shoe to have in your closet. I rounded up a bunch of casual sneakers for you at the end of this post. Many are white, but you’ll see that they are mostly neutral colors. The key to a casual sneaker is that they have to be neutral if you’re not sticking to an athleisure look. Neutral colors make your outfit look more effortless.

Need more inspiration to rock casual sneakers? Here’s how I’ve rocked my Converse here on the blog: with a summer sweater, in the winter with a cashmere cardigan, and with my favorite summer hat.

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