Built-In Best Friends

White Dog Bone White Dog Bone white-dog-bone-4 White Dog BoneWhite Dog Bone

There are no two people like a mom and a sister. I’ve been so blessed to have had so many wonderful adventures with them. Last weekend we tackled back to school shopping, and we had such a fun day. Yes the shopping was great, but the day was even better spending it with these two. These are some photos from the cafe we ate at called White Dog Cafe near Philadelphia. The food was amazing! I’m talking lemonade in mason jars, delicious cheese plates, and parmesan truffle fries! Sorry if I made you hungry.

I’m going to miss my mom and sister when I’m back at school (and dad, too)! It’s times like these that I truly cherish, and I’m fortunate to have two best friends to share these memories with.

  • vanessa • withgreatheart.com • attractive, affordable blog + web design
    August 15, 2014 at 3:46 am

    Holy mackerel! Your mom is a BEAUTY! I see where you and your sister get it from, you're all gorgeous ladies. I was never fortunate enough to have a sister, but my mom is my best friend too, haha!