Gifts for the Beauty Lover

Holiday Gift Guide - Beauty Lover

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Beauty favorites

1. Shimmer brick | 2. Nail polish | 3. Setting powder | 4. Makeup sponge | 5. Lip treatment | 6. Basics palette | 7. Curling iron | 8. Perfume | 9. Lip gloss | 10. Dry shampoo

Happy Sunday! The good news is that there is still time to shop for everyone on your list, but time is definitely running out.

Today, we’re talking about the beauty lover. Not only are these great gifts for the person who could spend hours in Sephora, but many of these make great stocking stuffers.

I included some of my personal favorites in this gift guide, like my favorite perfume, a makeup sponge that’s made a difference in how my foundation looks, and this dry shampoo that actually smells good.

As for which item I would add to my wish list? I think it has to be this curling iron. It’s expensive, but I’ve heard it’s awesome and well worth the price.

  • That sugar balm is absolutely an essential to getting through winter (well, and life!) Great picks!

    • Ellen

      Couldn’t agree more, Alissa! I love it.