The Faux Fur Obsession Continues…


So I discovered while writing this post that I may have a slight obsessions with faux fur. It all started last year, and hasn’t slowed down. When I saw this BB Dakota jacket during a Shopbop sale, I chose to buy it knowing that it would be a fun piece to wear during winter.

bb-dakota-amerrill-wubby-collarless-jacket bb-dakota-merrill-wubby-collarless-jacket bb-dakota-merrill-wubby-collarless-jacket bb-dakota-merrill-wubby-collarless-jacket bb-dakota-merrill-wubby-collarless-jacket

I suppose you could say I’m on a “teddy bear” kick when it comes to outerwear. You might remember that J.Crew vest I wore a couple of times already, and I hinted that I would be styling this jacket in last week’s “What I’m Into”. Oh, and let’s not forget last year’s faux fur vest, which I still love. I guess I like to wear anything that resembles a faux fur blanket.

tory-burch-york-buckle-tote bb-dakota%0amerrill-wubby-collarless-jacket-7bb-dakota-merrill-wubby-collarless-jacket bb-dakota-merrill-wubby-collarless-jackettory-burch-york-buckle-tote bb-dakota-merrill-wubby-collarless-jacket

Wearing: BB Dakota jacket (also available here and here) | Madewell shirt | Zella leggings | Steve Madden boots | Tory Burch tote | Ray-Ban sunglasses | Baublebar necklace

This jacket is more lightweight than other faux fur jackets that I’ve seen. I’d really compare it to more of a sweater (especially since its collarless), and you can absolutely get away with wearing this indoors without feeling like you’re overdressed. If you’re looking for something that’s more of a jacket, I’d say this Eliza J one or this one from Kenneth Cole are both great options. Oh, and this leopard jacket is so cute! One of my favorite things about the BB Dakota jacket is that it has a hook to close it instead of visible buttons or snaps, so it looks great open or closed.

If you choose to style this like a sweater, let it be the statement piece of the outfit. Keep everything else simple, and opt for one color if possible. Here, I thought black would pair well with the taupe. Also, keep the jacket open to make it look and feel like a sweater, rather than a jacket. If you want to play up the texture, style with faux leather leggings.

What are your thoughts on faux fur jackets? Any additional tips for styling them?

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Photos by Yenma K. Photography