How to Build the Perfect Bar Cart

Bar Cart

I’m so happy to reveal more of my apartment with you today! I knew I wanted a bar cart, and once more of my furniture came, I thought it would be a great way to fill up more of my space. I also really wanted something that was functional for hosting guests. I did some browsing online, but after finding this bar cart at Target, I was sold. It’s also only $123, which I found to be the most affordable of all of the other bar carts I looked at. Oh, and it was super easy to assemble!

Bar CartBar CartSan Pellegrino Bar Cart Bar CartBar Cart Happy Times Tea Towel Pineapple Top Ice Bucket Lilly Pulitzer Wine GlassesBar Cart Bar Cart Bar Cart Bar CartBar Cart

Featured Products: Target bar cart (only $123) | Lilly Pulitzer wine glasses (exact ones not linked) Target ice bucketTarget tumblers | Target straws | Cocktail book | Happy Times tea towel (found here) | Lilly Pulitzer coasters (similar, found here)

It’s really easy to build a bar cart, and mine came together relatively quickly. I knew I wanted to have a cart that had enough to please everyone, and I wanted it to be cute, girly, and fun! Here are four tips for building your perfect bar cart.

Four Tips to Build Your Bar Cart

  • Opt for bright colors! I pulled pink from the straws, cocktail napkins, and the Happy Hour sign.
  • Show off glassware. I used wine glasses with pretty patterns and tumblers.
  • Offer different mixers to please your guests. I chose lemon San Pellegrino, club soda, and tonic water. Keep easy mixers on hand that suit a variety of tastes.
  • Make it fun! If it’s a staple piece in your home, then you want it to stand out!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to link up everything as some of it was gifted to me, but I did my best to link up what I could. I was able to find some of the products or similar products I was gifted on other sites, but note that I didn’t necessarily shop directly from these stores. Additionally, my cocktail shaker is from Home Goods. I’d definitely check there if you want a budget friendly shaker. I think the one I found was only $5!

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And of course, tell me if there is anything that I am missing from my bar cart! I’m sure I’ll be adding to it quite frequently!

  • Taylor
    June 14, 2017 at 11:21 pm

    This is just one extra reason why I absolutely NEED a gold bar cart. HOW CUTE!? I want one so bad!

    xx, Taylor

    • Ellen
      June 16, 2017 at 6:55 pm

      You definitely need this bar cart, Taylor! Super easy to assemble, and definitely more affordable than other ones I’ve seen.