Apartment Reveal: My Kitchen

Kitchen Table - Pittsburgh Crank Desk

I’m so excited to reveal the first of my apartment, my kitchen! Now that I have my bar stools, it’s the most complete room in the apartment as far as furniture and decor. But I’m sure I’ll never feel like I’m truly done decorating.

Places/products where I’ve purchased my kitchen items can be found throughout the post and at the end! By all means, if you have any questions, ask away!

Kitchen Flowers Keurig and Anthropologie Mug

Love my little coffee corner! I have a lot of counter space, so I can keep this set up without getting in the way of meal prep. Getting up first thing and making a fresh cup of coffee is one of my favorite things to do. My Keurig goes back to my college days, and luckily it still works! A Keurig is great if you live alone and only need to make one cup at a time. I always keep my monogram mug from Anthropologie on display, but I have plenty of mugs to rotate through. Seriously, I’m a sucker for a coffee mug.

KitchenKitchen Flowers Kitchen RugMason Jar Cocktail Book

Can’t wait to make some recipes out of this book! This book was gifted to me, and I love keeping it on display by my oven because the cover is so cute. I found it here at Target if you want to buy it!

Kitchen Table

When you enter my apartment, the living room and kitchen are all open, so my kitchen leads right into the living room. There’s also the door and hallway on the one side of the kitchen. My kitchen itself doesn’t have a ton of natural lighting because it doesn’t have a window, but I have five windows in my living room, so the light does carry over to the table.

Because of the open space, I chose to get a high top table to break up the space and add a bit of dimension. Confession: no idea if that’s the right interior design ‘lingo,’ but it was quickly decided that a high top table would be a great addition to the space. I was at Pottery Barn checking out different tables, but nothing really struck me…until we went to this desk in the window. Yes, my table is actually a desk!

The best part is that it’s called the Pittsburgh desk, which you may know was where I spent four years during college. Since Pittsburgh is my favorite city, this table/desk is that much more special to me. It was almost fate! It’s by far one of my favorite pieces in my apartment.

Hunting for stools was a challenge because I didn’t really want to spend a lot of money on stools. I was willing to wait until I found the right ones. These bar stools from Threshold at Target are a great quality. They’re really comfortable to sit on too! My advice, look at Target for dining chairs, stools, etc.!

Shop my kitchen:

Can’t wait to share more of my apartment as it comes together! In the mean time, I’m learning the struggle of cooking for one and resisting the temptation of walking downstairs to the Italian restaurant for takeout!

Thanks so much for stopping by!