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July 2017

10 Sleeveless Swing Dresses You Can Wear Now

LOFT Sleeveless Swing Dress

If you follow a lot of other blogs, then you’ve probably heard about this little thing called the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Heck, I shared a few of my home decor favorites from the sale last week! The sale features pieces from the upcoming season, which means a lot of sweaters, jackets, and riding boots, all of which I’m not quite ready for. But talk to me in September and I’ll probably feel differently.

So today’s outfit is all about summer. Because while it is going quickly, it’s still here! And I know better than to assume that after Labor Day the temps drop 25 degrees. Continue Reading

Best Home Items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to do a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post? Well, I’m eating my words. But there are some of the cutest, girliest home decor items included in the sale, and they are too good not to share! I also feel that it’s less of a “Hunger Games situation” for the home items, so it’s easier to take your time and really shop.

Home Decor Nordstrom Sale Finds

Let’s talk about a few of my favorites. Continue Reading

A Reminder to Focus on What You Can Control

On Monday night, I was getting ready to post something to Instagram, going through the motions of editing. A little contrast here, a little brightness there, you get the idea. After probably spending at least a half an hour editing a post, I stopped and thought to myself, “What am I doing?”

Before I knew it, I had three different versions of the same picture saved as a draft on Instagram. What made it even crazier? They really didn’t look that different.

Digital Age: Control What You Can

I immediately put my phone down. Continue Reading

My Summer in Lilly Continues…

Lilly Pulitzer Christine Dress

Weren’t we just celebrating the fact that it was Friday? Why do the weekends always seem to go so quickly? Some of the highlights of my weekend include taking a mother daughter exercise class, shopping at Lululemon, and hosting some friends for dinner. I can’t believe that we are almost at the end of July! Summer, please slow down!
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