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May 2017

How to Deal with Loneliness When You Live Alone

I’ll be honest, the fear of loneliness was something I was really worried about prior to moving out on my own. I really enjoy being by myself. In fact, sometimes I feel like I need to recharge alone after I’ve been super busy or around a lot of people, but I’d be lying if I said that I don’t ever feel lonely. I feel lonely a lot, and I don’t think it’s a feeling that will ever go away.

How to Combat Loneliness When Living Alone

Loneliness is a natural byproduct of living alone. But there are ways to combat it. Here are my tips for reducing the feeling of loneliness when you live by yourself. Continue Reading

What I’m Into Volume 115

Washington Apartments

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I feel like I have a lot to say…so bear with me as we catch up for a little bit!

How is it that we’re already getting to the end of May?! Next week is my birthday, which I kind of keep forgetting about because life just seems so busy. I’m going to NYC on Monday for a conference. I’m sure Monday will come quickly! And next Friday, my sister comes home from study abroad!

A quick little apartment update for you! Last week, my sectional that I had been waiting so long to receive arrived…and then went back on the truck. They couldn’t fit it through the doors at the top of the stairwell, or the elevator. I was devastated. And yes, I know it’s just furniture, but I was really bummed. I picked out a new sectional and chair last weekend that should hopefully come next week. Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out, and that I’ll have more apartment decor content to share with you soon!

Finally, has anyone watched “Southern Charm: Savannah” yet? I’m obsessed with the original “Southern Charm,” and it’s only fueled my desire to visit Charleston even more. Naturally, I had to check out the Savannah spin-off, which is really good too. Have you seen it? Do you watch “Southern Charm?”

Have a great weekend!
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Lilly Pulitzer Pants That Feel Like Pajamas

Lilly Pulitzer Pants

Hi everyone! This is one of those outfits I get really excited to wear. Not only is it head to (almost) toe Lilly Pulitzer, but it’s also one of those outfits you wear and think to yourself, “It’s not fair how comfortable I am right now.” You know, the outfits you can wear in public that feel like pajamas even though they are not. Continue Reading

Best Places to Shop for Workwear

Julie Brown Designs Dress

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When you’re an adult in your early to mid 20’s, shopping for workwear that is age appropriate, cute, and functional is a challenge. This has been less of a challenge for me since graduating because I work in a casual office, but having workwear piece for client meetings, conferences, etc. is still important. I’ve already talked about how to build a wardrobe for work as a young professional, and today I wanted to share three places that I shop for workwear, including one that may surprise you! Continue Reading