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January 2017

Sneaker Obsession: Eight Pairs of Nikes to Covet

Black Nike Juvenate Sneakers

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Ever since I purchased these Nike sneakers last fall, I have really become obsessed with the sneakers trend. I love styling athleisure outfits that feature these bad boys. Then, last night I came across this pair in pink, and found myself resisting the urge not to buy them. Seriously, who wants to buy these for me? 😉 I never thought I’d be as obsessed with wearing sneakers that aren’t necessarily just for the gym. Doesn’t hurt that might feet are enjoying the break too. Continue Reading

What I’m Into Volume 106


So excited that the weekend is here because it’s ski weekend! Well, for me, I won’t be skiing. I’ve never skied before. But I’m off for a winter wonderland getaway with my college besties, and I can’t wait to catch up with them! We all live in the same state, but we’re all over the place, so it’s harder to get together. Can’t wait for a weekend of food, drinks, and fun in the snow!

On another note, I feel like 2017 is not holding back. Things are moving so quickly! There’s no time to stop and think (in a good way). Anyone else agree? Continue Reading

Three Little Things I Do to Treat Myself

Coffee and Magazine

We’ve talked a little before about things we can do to become the best version of ourselves. I’ve shared productivity hacks that help me get through each week, and little lifestyle changes that can have a big impact. (I’m still working on #4, but that’s a different post for a different day.) I firmly believe that anything you do that makes you feel happy should be a part of your regular routine.

Here are the little things I do to treat myself, and ones that maybe you should try too. Continue Reading

Bundled Up

LLBean Ultra Warm Coat

A cold blog shoot day meant that after four other outfits in the winter elements, Yenma and I had to find some place warm for the final look…and get a hot beverage. We came across the Cocoa Beanery, kind of hidden from everything else, but so a “hidden gem” is definitely the perfect phrase to describe it. Continue Reading