Working Towards Happiness in the New Year

Flowers on a Table

While I think any time of year is great for setting goals, there is definitely something about a new year and a fresh perspective. I was working out with my mom on New Year’s Day, and we were talking about resolutions. I hadn’t really given it much thought, but I did reply with one simple answer, “Be happy.”

A feeling rather than a goal

To me, this encompasses a lot of things. Saying yes to things that excite me and make me happy. Trying new things that might scare me, knowing I’ll be glad that I tried. Whether it’s personally or professionally, I want to be happy and content in whatever I’m doing in 2017. Life’s too short to be anything but happy. I guess you could say that rather than setting a goal, I’m working towards a feeling.

I’ll probably set goals throughout the year, but I really think that focusing on how I feel rather than what I think I should be will make everything I want to accomplish attainable.

What are you working towards in 2017?

Tips for setting goals

Whether or not you’re set on your goals for 2017, here’s how you can work towards a feeling of happiness in whatever you choose to do.

Don’t pressure yourself.

It’s important to have goals, dream, and aspirations. But working towards these goals should be fun. After all, it’s about the journey. Don’t be afraid to fail.

Make your goals about you.

It’s your life, and these should be your goals. Don’t set goals because everyone else is setting them. For example, this is a great time of year to reassess your fitness routine (always a work in progress for me), but don’t do it because you feel that you have to fit in with everyone else.

Set attainable goals.

Any big goal needs to be attainable via mini goals. Also think about time. Is this something you can feasibly achieve in six months, one year…two years?


Set aside time to assess how you’re doing with your goals. Goals change and evolve, so don’t feel like you have to stick with what you originally set out to do. Maybe one goal took you in a new, unexpected direction. Embrace that.

  • Hello! Thank you for sharing your tips on goal setting and reevaluating those goals. With any new year comes new perspective and definitely, pressure. I find that I am hard on myself and need to just relax and remember how far I’ve come with whatever goal is stressing me out. Glad you shared this reminder!


    • Ellen

      I love hearing that you found this post to be exactly what you needed, Christina! Hope 2017 is off to a great start for you.