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What I’m Into Volume 95

Pink Flowers

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Happy Friday! It seems like the weeks always go by slowly, and then I look back wondering where the time went. I’d say the two peaks of this week were trying the Escape Room with my coworkers and having mother/daughter time at Starbucks on Sunday. The Escape Room was SO much fun! Seriously, can’t wait to go try it again. Have any of you tried the Escape Room? What did you think of it? The pit of my week was that my body is not adjusting well to the seasonal shift. I’m waking up feeling so tired and falling asleep so early. If anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear them! Continue Reading

Tory Burch York Buckle Tote Review

Tory Burch York Buckle Tote

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Tory Burch York Buckle Tote

The Tory Burch York Buckle Tote was something I had my eyes on for quite a bit. I liked that it was a sizable bag, but one of the more “affordable” options of the Tory Burch totes.

I really wanted a “grown up” work bag and decided it was a good time to splurge when I was taking a work trip to Las Vegas. While I own this bag and it’s gotten a lot of use, it’s starting to get worn out. It’s simply a matter of you get what you pay for.

After doing lots of research (and even looking at eBay several times), I decided to go with the York Buckle Tote. I debated between that and the Perry Tote, but went with the York because it was less expensive and had a compartment for a laptop. Honestly, it was the perfect bag for carrying my essentials through airports and to the tradeshow, yet I didn’t feel like I had a giant bag that was weighing me down. Now, it’s still a functional laptop bag during the work week, and a great tote on the nights and weekends.
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The Hunt for the Perfect Striped Tee

Topshop Striped Long Sleeve Tee

Any striped tee lover will tell you there is no such thing as too many striped tees. Heck, I own three different black and white striped shirts. You may be reading this and rolling your eyes, but trust me when I say, they are all different. Continue Reading

What I’m Into Volume 94

American Eagle Denim Jacket

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It’s finally fall, and while it doesn’t feel like it, I’m super excited that it’s here. I wore this cardigan (also linked below) that I got from Madewell last weekend. If there is one thing from the “What to Buy” section that you click on and consider buying, it should be that. Seriously, I want it in all of the available colors! It’s so soft and comfortable.

Speaking of, if you missed the LuLaRoe post from earlier in the week, definitely check it out. It includes some items that I swear I could live in every day. They’re just that comfortable.

Thanks as always for stopping by A Pop of Pink! Enjoy today’s post, and have a great weekend.

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