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August 2016

The Workout That Has Changed My Life

You’ve probably heard me say that I don’t like working out. I can be really consistent one week, and then over it the next. I know I need to do it, but sometimes it’s a struggle to find an ounce of motivation.

Last winter I tried barre with some of my coworkers. I’m normally afraid to try new things, and leading up to it, I was extremely nervous. Nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do the moves. Nervous that I’d look like an idiot next to my coworkers. Nervous that I’d throw up. TMI?!

But, after that first class, I felt an incredible sense of pride. I did it…and I didn’t throw up! I liked that the class incorporated cardio and also muscle toning. I felt like I was working parts of my body that I don’t normally work on my own, and I really liked that I was getting a full body workout.An Update on my Fitness Journey

And the best part? I’ve stuck with it. It’s a workout I love to do. Here’s how a little more on how barre has had a positive impact on my life. Continue Reading

Transitioning From Summer to Fall

Fossil Cashmere Sweater

Transitioning your wardrobe from one season to another can be tricky. On the one hand, you may want to hold on to those off the shoulder tops you wore all summer. On the other hand, you’re ready to break out the sweaters and leggings for good. If you’re like me, then you’d rather have one season or the other. I hate the in between. Continue Reading

How to Decide if a Handbag is Worth the Investment

Confession: I’m a bag lady. As I’ve gotten older, I’m more willing to spend a little more money on handbag. Deciding to splurge on a handbag is a big decision, but I absolutely believe that buying a high quality, more expensive bag can be a wise investment when it comes to your wardrobe. A designer handbag can make more affordable pieces look more expensive, and depending on what style you choose, can be the focal point of an outfit.

See a handbag you like? Click on the photo to be taken to the original post with more information.

Kate Spade Pink Purse

Here are three things that help me determine if a handbag is worth the investment. Continue Reading

What I’m Grateful For

Banana Republic Laser Cut Top

Lately I’ve been thinking about how well things have been going. I’m the first to admit that I probably use this blog as an outlet to share when things aren’t going well, but I feel that it’s important to acknowledge when I’m in a good place. I was inspired by Jessi of The Darling Detail to share what I’m thankful for, because we need to acknowledge the good in life as much as the bad.  Continue Reading