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May 2016

BeachLunchLounge Plaid Shirt

BeachLunchLounge Royal Plaid Shirt

How was everyone’s weekend?! I hope it included some fun in the sun, shopping, and a few Coronas. 😉 Most importantly, thank you to the people of our country who died serving our country and made it possible for us to be with our friends and family during the long holiday weekend.

With MDW behind us, I figured it was only appropriate that today’s outfit included a shirt from a brand called BeachLunchLounge. You might remember this brand from a post from last summer that featured a fun top from the same brand. I’m featuring this plaid shirt, because it wasn’t long ago that I needed a layer like this…in May! Continue Reading

What I’m Into Volume 82

Bike and Flowers

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The holiday weekend is FINALLY here! I had a great week celebrating my birthday, and overall, I’ve had one of the best weeks I’ve had in awhile. (Thanks to those who shared some birthday love with me.) And luckily, it totally feels like summer now too. A little sunshine does wonders for the soul, as I’ve mentioned before.

Be sure to check out this week’s previous posts that I included at the bottom of this post. My post sharing 23 facts about me might be one of the most fun posts that I’ve ever done.

I’m going to keep it pretty short this week, but I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks as always for stopping by!

Summer is (unofficially) here! Can you tell I’m excited?! Continue Reading

Madewell Swingy Tee Dress

Madewell Swing Tee Dress

If you read the blog on a regular basis, you know my love for Madewell runs deep. I also featured this embroidered dress last summer and can’t wait to wear it again this summer. And shocker, I fell in love with another Madewell piece…

When I visited the store, they had the dress styled with this necklace, and I’m not sure I would’ve been drawn to it if the necklace wasn’t with it. I think it adds the perfect delicate detail to the outfit, so naturally I had to buy the necklace too. Continue Reading

23 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

LOFT Dress

Today marks my 23rd birthday, so I thought in honor of the day, I would share 23 facts about me! I always love reading other posts like this, and love the celebrity editions in Us Weekly. So without further adieu…here’s 23 things you might not have known about me! Continue Reading