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March 2016

Currently Coveting 3.30.16

Currently Coveting 3.30.16

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Like with any change in season, I find myself wanting to shop, shop, shop. Let’s get right to some of the items that I’m currently coveting.

How gorgeous is this Rebecca Minkoff satchel? The perfect pop of pink to add to any outfit and such a gorgeous color for spring. Her bags are on the pricier side, but I’ve been very happy with my Mini MAB Tote (small but still holds the essentials), so I find that it’s easier to justify the price if it’s a handbag that’s a great quality and something I know I’ll be able to wear a lot. My advice when investing in a more expensive handbag, especially if it’s your first one, is to choose a color that you can wear every day, whether that’s black, cognac, navy or a neutral beige. Although I find that pink goes with more than you might think.

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Little Lifestyle Changes That Have Made a Difference For Me

In one of my recent “What I’m Into” posts, I shared a link to one of Jillian Harris’s posts about tips to simplify your life and felt inspired to talk about changes to my routine that are small, but can make a big difference. Some of these changes are newer than others, meaning they haven’t always been a part of my routine, or they’re not something I do all the time. But, regardless of when I do them, I feel 10 times better knowing that taken steps to make life just a little easier.

Easy Lifestyle Changes

1. Drinking lemon water.

I’ve found that lemon water always makes me feel so much better. It’s great for cleansing and getting back on track. I’ll typically drink it after a weekend that involved a lot of eating and drinking. It really makes a world of a difference, and quite frankly, I just think it tastes good. I cut up an entire lemon at once so I have slices I can easily grab throughout the day. If I have time in the morning, I’ll try to drink a cup before I have my coffee. Continue Reading

Live Life Colorfully


And just like that, we’re back to another Monday. I hope everyone had a great Easter! One of the things I always love about Easter is that everyone breaks out their color. It kind of marks the switch in seasons, at least when it comes to clothes.

If you’re like me, then it’s the time to start wearing your favorite Lilly Pulitzer patterns. I definitely wear a fair amount of Lilly in the winter, but once spring rolls around, I’m ready to wear lots of color, which of course means lots of Lilly.

You’ve seen this style before with this striped dress on A Pop of Pink. I got this ‘Marlowe’ Print dress during my Florida trip in February. After getting a chance to wear it then, I’ve been anxiously waiting for the weather to warm up so I can wear it more!

There are so many great Lilly finds right now. I’m constantly peeking at the website to see what’s new and adding items to my cart. Here are some of the items that I’m loving.

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What I’m Into Volume 74

Brunch at Aussie & The Fox

Keeping this post really short because as I’m writing this I’m thinking about wine and Grey’s Anatomy, and my computer is ready for a break.

I’m glad this week is finally over. I took a barre class and a bootcamp class, so I’m kind of exhausted (and sore). This weekend I’ll be celebrating my mom’s birthday with another butt-kicking barre class and hopefully another awesome brunch like the one above from last weekend. And then Sunday I’ll be celebrating Easter! What are your holiday plans?

Looking forward to new outfits coming to the blog soon and other fun content! Spring always has me feeling refreshed and ready to conquer anything.

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