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January 2016

What I’m Into Volume 66

Happy Friday, friends!

Did everyone survive winter storm Jonas, and more importantly, the after math?! Where I live and work it has been such a mess. Luckily, the warmer temperatures have been melting it…slowly. After one major snow storm, I think I’ve seen enough of it for the rest of the year. Time to move on to spring!

I’m heading to Florida in a couple of weeks for a long weekend with my mom, and I’m so excited. In fact, I already put the Orlando weather in my phone. Too early?! Nahhhh. Anyone have any winter getaway plans?

Distressed Jeans

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Totally random, but I felt like I had to bring it up. Have any of you been watching The Bachelor this season? I normally only catch an episode here and there, or wait to watch the season finale, but I’ve been hooked on this season since day one. It’s so funny how easy it is to get caught up in reality TV, but I quickly have some of my favorites, and least favorites, on the show. After a long Monday, watching The Bachelor is the guilty pleasure that I don’t feel so guilty about.

There are some great links this week, and the first is definitely my favorite! All of my fellow monogram lovers will definitely agree. Continue Reading

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys

Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys

1. Barbour Jacket | 2. Herschel Duffel Bag | 3. Bose Speaker

4. Nike Sneakers | 5. Fitbit | 6. Daniel Wellington Watch | 7. Wafflemaker

8. Flask | 9. Vineyard Vines Shep Pullover | 10. Cologne

Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, so I thought it was time to share some holiday gift ideas with you. If you’re like me, shopping for your guy can be a bit of a challenge. Maybe that’s because I don’t have a brother, but how do you shop for guys?! It has and always will be a challenge.

So if you’re like me, knowing that there are a few items that you can never go wrong with is promising. I think watches are a must-have for any guy, and with so many styles and options to choose from, it’s easy to find that fits his taste and style. This Daniel Wellington watch is classic and timeless.

Cologne is always great to give, especially for Valentine’s Day. I love this Tommy Bahama cologne and the way it smells. Continue Reading

LOFT Fireside Sweater

J.Crew Factory Vail Parka

When I was putting together this post, I had no idea this sweater was called the “Fireside Sweater,” but it’s definitely the perfect name for it. I received this sweater as a Christmas gift, and it’s definitely perfect for this winter days when all you want to do is cozy up by the fire with a great book and a cup of coffee.

As many of you know (or have experienced firsthand), we got hit with a ton of snow this weekend. I hope everyone was safe! I wore this sweater on Friday to work and then for happy hour, which then turned into drinks with neighbors as the snow piled up. This LOFT sweater was perfect for those fun lazy snow days. Continue Reading

What I’m Into Volume 65

Happy Friday! I’m sure you’re probably sick of reading about the weather, but man, was it cold this week. Like, freezing. Anyone else feel a little not like themselves during winter? I feel exhausted, and my mood isn’t quite so cheery. As much as I love cozy sweaters and Bean boots, there’s definitely a reason that they say Vitamin C does a body good.

Nonetheless, I’ve been doing a lot of fun social activities to stay busy, which helps. I did a wine tasting last weekend with friends and went to an indoor trampoline park with coworkers. It was hilarious! If you’ve been feeling a little down with this cold weather, I recommend getting out and staying active!

Head to Toe Black

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The forecast is calling for a lot of snow this weekend, which means a lot of One Tree Hill reruns on Netflix (for probably the 10th time), and reading Mindy Kaling’s newest book. Anyone else find her hilarious?! If you haven’t read her first one, it is hilarious and a great read.

If you’re in the Northeast this weekend, stay safe and enjoy the snow! I’ll be back Monday with an all new outfit post. Continue Reading