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December 2014

Happy New Year!

How is it 2015 tomorrow?! This year always seemed so far away to me. I always knew I’d be graduating from college in 2015, but never did I think that 2015 would actually come. With graduation, many other changes will be happening in my life. I can’t wait to see what is in store for me!

I don’t really have any major resolutions besides adopting a healthier lifestyle (typical) and expanding my blog. One of the best things about 2014 was starting A Pop of Pink. I am so thankful for all of you who stop by my little corner of cyberspace. I seriously can’t thank you enough. I hope you’ll stick around for what’s to come in 2015!

Now for some New Year’s Eve outfit inspiration. I selected my favorite pieces from J.Crew to put together an easy look. While you may not have these exact items, you can certainly put together a similar look with what you already have. Just grab your favorite LBD, statement earrings or a necklace (stick to just one), and a pair of pumps or flats. Voila!

How to Write Fresh Blog Content

Today’s post is a break from style to focus on blogging. I wanted to share my blogging tips, especially writing tips, since I’m very passionate about writing. Let’s get started…

Your blog is your space to be creative and original. Nothing is worse than running out of ideas or posting something just because you felt you had to. Your blog should be something you’re proud of, and your content should reflect that. If you write about things you are passionate about, readers will come back.

Write timely posts.

It’s important to write content that is relevant and current. This way, you’ll always have inspiration and ideas for posts. Is there a holiday or blogiversary coming up? Is there a new trend you’re dying to try?

Write about YOU.

This relates to the one above. Your blog is unique because it’s written by you. It’s perfectly okay (and encouraged) to talk about yourself. Your readers want to get to know you.

Don’t blog just to blog.

If you feel pressure to produce content daily, you might find that you’re writing posts that you’re not passionate about. Write posts that you love, and your readers will love them too.

Start a new blog series.

I was in a bit of a blogging rut a few months ago, which was how the “Pink Profile” series came about. Not only did it provide new content, but I also got inspiration by reading about other bloggers.

Write when inspiration strikes.

I was lying in bed at 8 a.m. on a Saturday when ideas just started flowing for this post. If you can’t get to your computer right away, carry a notebook or jot down ideas in your phone. I also do this when I’m writing academic papers.


One of my favorite parts about taking outfit photos is exploring places and finding hidden gems that I might not otherwise see. My sister knew of this awesome artwork in the heart of Lancaster city and thought it would be a great backdrop for photos. Is it just me, or does anyone else wish they had artistic skills? I’m definitely lacking in that department. Continue Reading

What I’m Into Volume 21


I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful holiday! I certainly did. Each year seems to get more and more special to me as I get older. I love spending time with my family, drinking mimosas, and eating way too much. Oh, and the presents weren’t too bad either. I’m sure some of them will make an appearance on the blog.

Sit back and enjoy this week’s “What I’m Into” while you’re recovering from all of the Christmas festivities. And if you’d like, leave a comment and tell me about your holiday! I always love hearing from you.

Got to tell Santa what I want for Christmas 😉
French toast + mimosas. Is there a better combination?