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August 2014

Rockin’ High Waisted Jeans

Today my little sister starts her first day of
college, so I figured now would be the perfect time to show off her style.
I love the edgy yet sophisticated look of these high waisted black denim
jeans from Madewell. She and I both rely on Madewell for denim. Yes, the jeans
can be a little expensive, but they fit so well and are such a great quality.
If you haven’t tried them yet, I would highly recommend doing so!

Good luck on your first day of college classes,
Margaret! xo

Wearing: American Eagle
top (old) | Madewell jeans | Tory Burch sandals (love!)
| Alex and Ani bracelets  | Ray Ban aviators (similar here)

Guest Blogger: Lauren of Lauren Rose Prep

I’m sure many of you have started school today, as have I. Good luck, and I hope you have an amazing year!

Many of you may be wondering if Greek life is right for you. Today Lauren is going to give you a taste of what sororities are like. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, Lauren! Be sure to check out her blog, Lauren Rose Prep!

I came to college with an open mind, but I was sure that Greek life wasn’t for me. No one in my family belonged to a sorority or fraternity and to be honest, I didn’t even really know what a sorority was. However after the first few weeks of school, I saw girls with Greek letters on their bags and stories about how they made their best friends from their sorority. I soon realized that maybe this was something that I was interested in. Joining a sorority (Alpha Delta Pi) was one of the best decisions I made freshman year. However if you are like me before I joined and don’t know anything about it, it can be intimidating. I hope these tips are helpful and get you excited about Greek life!
1) Like I said, I didn’t know exactly what a sorority was before I came to college. But now after being in one, I would describe it as a sisterhood that is focused on improving women in all aspects of their lives, as well as dedicated to helping out their community. It’s really a place for women in college to come together and support each other.
2) Each sorority has a philanthropy. If you don’t know what that means, it’s basically a charity or organization that sisters help raise money and volunteer for. I think that this is one of the best ways to get involved in your sorority and community, so make sure it’s one you are passionate about!
3) Once you are in a sorority, you will have ‘chapter’ once a week. This is basically just a meeting with all sisters to catch everyone up on what is going on in the sorority and events coming up in the future.
4) You won’t necessarily be living in the house, that is if your sorority even has a house. At my school, our house is very small and only around 8 to 10 girls live in it. However, my best friend is also in ADPi at a large school, and her house has about 50 girls living in it. So it really depends on what the house situation is at each school.
5) The only downside I have encountered so far as a member of a sorority are dues. These are the fees you have to pay in order to be a member. It can actually get pretty expensive, so it helps to get a job over the summer or save up some money before going through recruitment. That being said, the money is well spent. The dues that I pay go towards putting on events, mixers with fraternities, and fundraisers. It’s worth it, but can be a little shocking if you’re not expecting it.
Overall, joining a sorority has been the best experience. You meet so many amazing women and become part of a sisterhood that is nationwide. When going through recruitment, don’t get set on one house. I know some girls who went through it in order to join a certain sorority and were completely devastated when they didn’t get a bid. Don’t do this! I promise you will end up in the house that is best for you and be greeted by a group of wonderful sisters who are there to welcome you into their sisterhood. Keep an open mind and a positive outlook throughout the whole experience. It will change you in a good way and make your experience in college that much better!

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What I’m Into Volume 6

I can’t believe that my senior year of college starts on Monday! Seriously, where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday that I was a wide-eyed, confused, scared freshman. Now that it’s senior year, it seems like there is so much to worry about besides just school. I just want to know where my life will be heading!!!

I’ve been back on campus for a few days getting settled in and enjoying Pittsburgh before school starts. My family stayed for a night and helped me unpack. I can honestly say that saying goodbye to my family never gets any easier, and I totally admit that my eyes filled up with tears when they left! 

Is anyone else going through major changes this year?

Photo via. I can’t wait for plaid and fall!
What I’m into this week:
  • My post on Lauren’s blog was about two fall trends, including camo! Crazy!
  • Want to learn more about me? Read my post on the Bloggers with Class Award here.
  • I donated to ALS Association rather than completing the Ice Bucket Challenge. Watch this incredible video. If you haven’t supported the cause, this video might change your mind.
  • This cute water bottle from Jonathan Adler.
  • A free pineapple printable!
  • Carly’s apartment refresh!
  • These earrings from Moon and Lola.
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