12 Pink Fashion Items I Love (Or Already Purchased)

Happy Monday! I’m currently in NYC, where the temps have dropped back down to usual northeast January weather. Friday was unseasonably warm, and while I admit I’ve complained about the freezing temps, I had no idea what to wear.

12 Pink Fashion Items I'm Loving

When it’s cold, it’s easy to fall into the habit of wearing dark colors. I’m totally guilty of wearing black leggings and sweaters far too often. The weather totally has an impact on my mood, and thus, what I choose to wear. Continue Reading

What I’m Into Volume 134

Madewell Cardigan and Street Level reversible tote

Happy Friday! The first five day week post-holidays really threw me for a loop. Anyone else? You forget how “hard” a five day week is when the work weeks are shorter! Needless to say, I couldn’t wait for Friday to get here!

I’m out of town for work this weekend and then I have a family vacation the following weekend, so it’ll be a busy next couple of weeks! Blog content may be a little light as a result (more on that at the end of this post). As always, you can keep up with me on my social! Just click any of the icons on the top right of my site to follow along!

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Why I Didn’t Make Resolutions This Year

Why I Didn't Make Resolutions

Around this time of year, there’s always a bit of a debate about resolutions and whether they are actually good to make.

While I love the concept of starting the new year fresh, I think it’s easy to get caught up in the new year and not really create a plan for the long term. Resolutions–to me–sound temporary. Even though they are something that theoretically, you’re supposed to implement for a whole year if not longer.

Also, resolutions tend to feel like things that we should do, rather than things that we actually want to do! Continue Reading

What I’m Into Volume 133

Holiday Photo - Sister and Me

It’s been a long time since my last “What I’m Into” post! I thought it would be fun to share a more personal photo from the holidays. I really enjoyed my family time, which is truly my favorite part of the holidays. Not living at home anymore, means that we aren’t together as often. Can’t wait for us all to be together in Florida!

Also, you’d think my sister was the fashion blogger based on this photo! I was going for a more relaxed look on Christmas Day! I’m obsessed with this sweater. I’ve probably already worn it four times since Christmas. I sized up because it is a boxy fit, so I didn’t want it to be too short. Continue Reading